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Harvard Business School Publishing
Excellent resources from the leader in Business education.

Entrepreneur Magazine
The online small business authority with information to help start, grow or manage your small business.
Sample business plans, articles, advice, and calculators to estimate start up costs, cash flow and breakeven.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is an organization that represents the political needs of business owners through lobbyists, policy specialists and lawyers. Locate your local chamber through the site.
The place to start for small businesses. Advice on start up basics, business planning, finance, marketing, taxes and legal issues. Additionally, there are online courses and information about SBA loans and financing programs.
OWBO works with women starting and building successful businesses. The office offers training and technical assistance, and provides access to credit and capital, federal contracts, and international trade opportunities and has an extensive mentoring program.
Educational and networking opportunities to professional women involved in international trade and business.
Catalyst is the leading nonprofit corporate membership research and advisory organization working globally with businesses and the professions to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women and business. is the Web site of the flagship magazine of the American Bar Association.

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Allen, David (2001) Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress- Free Productivity. New York: Viking ISBN:0-670-89924-0