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Cathleen Szebrat is the principal of The O’Toole Firm. She focuses her practice on helping professionals become more innovative and resilient.

Cathleen’s coaching practice is based on several key principles: (1) helping her clients become more self-observant and reflective by identifying patterns that may block their development; (2) action learning and its emphasis on enhancing knowledge through experimentation and application to real-life challenges; (3) a multi-level approach that recognizes how individuals are influenced by their team and organizational context; and (4) appreciative awareness to help her clients identify what works as well as what needs to improve.

Cathleen has over ten years of experience working as a legal professional. Within the law firms, Cathleen honed her organizational, research, communication and coaching skills with both attorneys and staff members. Most importantly, as a result of this experience, Cathleen is experienced in leading groups in highly focused and demanding environments and thoroughly understands the stresses and pressures that the corporate world, and especially law firms, place on an individual and on their relationships outside of the professional environment.

Cathleen received her BA in psychology at George Mason University and her coaching certification from Mentor Coach, LLC an International Coach Federation accredited institute.

On a personal note, Cathleen is married to a dual citizen (French/American). In addition to frequent trips to visit family in Europe, she lived in Spain for two years. With these and other travel experiences abroad, Cathleen has gained an astute cultural awareness and ability to communicate effectively even in situations where language barriers exist. Her firsthand experience with bridging these cultural differences has given her a deep respect for and a desire to foster diversity, a value which she incorporates into her coaching practice.